2012 New Year Resolutions

In no particular order, my 2012 New Year resolutions!
  • To not be late for appointments, classes, work etc., and if possible, actually be early
  • To manage my time more wisely and finish my assignments ahead of the deadline
  • To finish studying for an exam proper before attempting the paper itself
  • To actually wake up during mornings, and not some random hour in the midday
  • To speak properly, that is, to enunciate clearly
  • To pick up more productive and tangible hobbies like doing crafts
  • To rearrange music that I like
  • To go for Japanese lessons again!
  • To continue stalking Arashi and AAA in 3 languages (^-^)v
  • To exercise more regularly
  • To get my daily dose of Vitamin C
  • To somehow earn more moneyyy
  • To express my appreciation towards others more

And that’s all! This is probably going to be the last post of 2011~

Thanks for following me the past year! 来年もよろしくお願いします!

Ohno says “Have a good year ahead!” X)

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